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Cybersecurity is crucial for organizations as it protects vital information from theft, loss, or damage.


Potential cyberattacks can damage an organization’s reputation and negatively impact customer trust. Additionally, organizations without robust cybersecurity may be exposed to various risks, such as data breaches, online fraud, and malware attacks.

Therefore, it is important to have strong cybersecurity policies and practices to protect the organization and ensure smooth daily operations.

Day 1:

  • Introduction to Cybersecurity and Current Cyber Threats
  • Basic concepts of cybersecurity, including digital identity, passwords, and two-factor authentication
  • Cybersecurity risk management and best practices in handling sensitive information
  • Phishing awareness and avoidance techniques to identify phishing attacks
  • Hacking awareness and prevention strategies
  • Basic hacking concepts and explanations on how to protect systems and devices from hacking

Day 2:

  • Awareness of internet and social media usage and their impact on cybersecurity
  • Introduction to malware attacks and methods to identify and prevent them
  • Cybersecurity policies for mobile devices, including password management and device locking
  • Network security management, including file sharing, remote access, and public Wi-Fi usage
  • Best practices for safe email and online communication
  • Final assessment to evaluate participants’ understanding of cybersecurity awareness

What do you gain from taking this course?


  • You will gain a deep understanding of ICT security and learn how to protect your organization from ICT security threats.

Courses Advantages

  • Understanding ICT security concepts and principles.
  • Reducing security risks within your organization.
  • Protecting your organization’s data and privacy.
  • Enhancing understanding and knowledge of ICT security.
  • Receiving a certificate of attendance to include in your portfolio.

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